Our 2016 lamb roast
Our 2016 lamb roast

Picturing Virgil’s Pastorals in Graphic Novel Style 1/13/17 Classics brown bag lunch with John Van Sickle, Kresge Hall 4364

Ancient Wonders at the Evanston Alley Gallery 12/5/16 Join us for a guided tour of the exhibition “Ancient Wonders” by artist, photographer, art framer and Northwestern Alumn Ross Martens which is currently on display at The Evanston Alley Gallery. Ross will talk about his engagement with and recreation of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World through miniatures and photography. (1712 Rear 2 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, right across from Bookends and Beginnings).

Congratulations Cassie! Classics Cluster student Cassie Olien has won the highly prestigious two-year fellowship, the Kress Foundation institutional fellowship to Paris, for her project on the comparative reception of Cypriot antiquities.

NEW WINTER 2016 LATIN TUTORING! SCHEDULE: Crowe Hall 3-143 (Classics Department Library) Tuesday: 2pm - 3pm Thursday: 4pm - 5pm

Latin Professor Francesca Tataranni makes the ASG Honor Roll again! This is the seventh time the Associated Student Govt. has elected Tataranni to the Honor Roll. Congratulations Francesca!

Discover ancient Rome's influence in Chicago:Students in Francesca Tataranni's fall course "Ancient Rome in Chicago" have published a collection of video essays that showcase the influence of ancient Rome in Chicago's architecture, art, and other cultural forms.

John Schafer on "Authorial pagination on Latin poetry" In Crowe 3-130: The talk argues that we can recover from the text of Vergil and other Roman poets precise details about the physical papyrus rolls which first contained them. The poets themselves will have composed their text with its anticipated visual realization in mind: how many lines each text-column or pagina contained, and which specific lines appeared at the top and bottom of each column. At least in Vergil, the recovered arrangement is an artistic feature of the poetry, one which guides, enriches, and even alters the reader’s aesthetic and cognitive experience of the text.

Lupercarnivalia 2016! Greek and Roman costumes, food, music and prizes at the Lake Room (room 203) at Norris!

Students, faculty and staff traveled to the Field Museum of Natural History in December to see the Greeks: From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great. Read more...

When filmaker Spike Lee announced that his film with the working title "Chiraq" was based on the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, members of the press turned the the Department of Classics for answers. See Pulitzer prize winning journalist Mary Schmich's story.

The Department of Classics 2014-2015 year is chronicaled in the Summer 2015 Newsletter, now online! Read who won the 2015 Department of Classics and Murley Prize Awards here.

Francesca Tataranni received a 2015 Alumnae Curriculum Award for her course proposal, "Ancient Rome in Chicago," which will focus on the legacy of ancient Rome as reflected in the architecture, art and other forms of cultural production in Chicago.

The Journal of the American Institute of Architects, Architect Magazine, featured the ATLAS project, which catalogs how the classics influenced architecture and culture in Chicago.

Taco Terpstra has won a coveted 2015-2016 Kaplan Institute for the Humanities fellowship. He will pursue independent research on The Development of Roman Intercommunity Trade: Institutional Continuity and Change. Congratulations Taco!

In March, Dr. Jon Seydl, Director of Curatorial Affairs for the Worcester Art Museum, addressed the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Classical Receptions Workshop. Dr. Seydl co-curated the exhibition, Antiquity Recovered: The Legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Philadelphia Collections.

Professor Robert Wallace is set to publish two books in 2015. Reconstructing Damon. Music, Wisdom Teaching, and Politics in Perikles' Athens, are estimated to arrive in September from Oxford University Press.

On Mardi Gras, February 17th, the Department of Classics hosted a celebration drawing from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a purification of the city through ritual and feasting, as well as Mardi Gras celebrations and the modern European Carnevale.

Yannis Simonides performed an encore of Socrates Now, January 9th, 4 pm in Norris University Center.

Professor Emeritus James Packer recently published The Roman Forum: A Reconstruction and Architectural Guide, a book which brings together history and artistic representation to show the Forum as it might have been.

Reginald Gibbons' new critical book, How Poems Think, with four chapters on the curious persistence of ancient poetics in the modern world, will be published by the University of Chicago Press in September 2015.

The Human and the Divine, the 10th biennial conference of the Chicago Area Consortium in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, took place Friday, Nov 7, and Saturday, Nov 8, 2014, at the University of Chicago and Northwestern respectively. Classics Professor John Wynne was among the organizers.

Dr. Walter Scheidel, of Stanford University, gave a public lecture, The Long Reach of Antiquity: China, Rome, and Modernity on Thursday, 10/9, 2014. The talk was sponsored by The Nicholas D. Chabraja Center for Historical Studies in collaboration with the Classical Receptions Workshop and the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities at Northwestern.