Eta Sigma Phi (National Classics Honor Society)

Eta Sigma Phi is the national undergraduate honor society for students of ancient Greek and Latin. Here at Northwestern, Eta Sigma Phi is an active student group that sponsors intellectual and social events, trips to Chicago theaters and museums, free film screenings on campus, and an annual celebration and prize award ceremony.

Nationally, the purposes of Eta Sigma Phi are "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome."

The national organization awards scholarships and translation prizes each year, and sponsors a convention in late March. The Beta chapter here at Northwestern offers weekly language tutoring workshops and provides a forum in which students with an interest in Classics can interact with both their professors and their peers outside of class, forming closer, more informal relationships. Students interested in study abroad in Greece or Italy are advised to become active in Eta Sigma Phi. Applicants for membership must have earned at least the grade of 'B' in at least two quarters of Latin and/or ancient Greek.

For more information about the national organization, visit Eta Sigma Phi's website.

For more information about Eta Sigma Phi at Northwestern, please contact the president for 2015-16, Grace Phelps. HSP's faculty advisor is Francesca Tataranni.

Eta Sigma Phi Events

  • There are no summer events scheduled. Please check back in the fall.

Update on Eta Sigma Phi activities, 2014-2015

Dear Classicists,

Hello from Eta Sigma Phi! We’ve had a particularly busy year and we hope to keep up our efforts into next fall. Over this past year, HSP’s goal has been to increase our membership and better connect with the students in our department. We have held weekly meetings and planned several small events to draw more students in, and I am proud to say that we have two new members as of this spring! Last fall we organized several lively and competitive Classics related events, including several rounds of the infamously entertaining Classics Pictionary; we helped advertise Yannis Simonides’ ‘Socrates Now’ and co-sponsored the Classics Department mixer, Lupercarnivalia, in Winter 2015; and this spring we held a movie viewing of Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘King Arthur’, a fascinating take on the Arthur legend set in 4th century Britain. In addition, we have kept up contact with Classics groups outside of Northwestern and hope to plan several joint events with them in the near future. Overall we have high hopes for next year and will continue to maintain a strong and welcome presence within and outside the department.

Best regards,