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The Loeb and Steiner Libraries

The Loeb Classical Library represents the entire classical heritage and contains all of the texts from the ancient world. The books are published by Harvard University Press and were designed to make Greek and Latin texts accessible to the general public. The volumes can fit into a single bookshelf and the physical books are clear, accurate, inexpensive and sturdy. For each page of Latin text there is a literal English translation on the alternate side. The translators provide introductions and extensive footnotes and bibliographies. The red and green volumes respectively contain the Latin and Greek texts.

The Northwestern Steiner Library was donated by the long time faculty member Grundy Steiner. He started his career at Northwestern in 1947 as an instructor in Latin and became an assistant professor in 1950. He became an assistant professor in 1969 and retired in 1984. Steiner is responsible for the creation of the individualized Latin instruction course (Latin A99) and is known for his very popular Classical Mythology course. He was a professor at Northwestern for 37 years. 

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