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Graduate Students

Placement Record of Cluster Affiliates

Bush, Randall (Communication Studies, 2013), Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Flack, Leah (CLS, 2009), Assistant Professor of English, Marquette University

Hartsock, Katie (CLS, Classics, English, 2015), Assistant Professor of English at Oakland University, Michigan

Irani, Tushar (Philosophy, 2008), Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Wesleyan University

Kasimis, Demetra (Political Science, 2010), Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago; Postdoctoral Fellow, Whitney Centers for the Humanities, Yale University (2010-12); Assistant Professor of Political  Science California State University, Long Beach

Lee, Jenny (English, 2012), Assistant Professor of English, College of Lake County

Lodewyck, Laura (Theater and Drama, 2015), Assistant Professor of Theatre at North Central College

Maksymchuk, Oksana (Philosophy, 2013), Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Arkansas

Njus, Jesse (Theater & Drama, 2010), Visiting Assistant Professor, NYU; ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow in the Departments of English and Theater, University of California, Santa Barbara

Skultety, Steven (Philosophy, 2006), Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Mississippi

Smith, Joshua (English, 2011), Assistant Professor of English, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Current doctoral students participating in the Graduate Classics Cluster

Barnoschi, Miruna (Political Science)

Bencomo, Susan (Philosophy)

Bradshaw, Tristan (Political Science)

Bressan, Eloisa (Poetry and Poetics)

Cavagnero, Tess (Comparative Literary Studies)

Cochran, William (Philosophy)

Corbit, Ann (Philosophy)

Cox, Jordana (Theater & Drama)

Cumella, Guiseppe (Political Science)

Dean, Shawn (Political Science)

Dutmer, Evan (Philosophy)

Grant, Joseph (Political Science)

Hull, Andrew (Philosophy)

Hunter, Elizabeth (Theater & Drama)

Koller, Ian (Comparative Literary Studies)

Lodewyck, Laura (Theatre and Drama)

Marpet, Blaze (Philosophy)

Martin, Ruth (Comparative Literary Studies and Rhetoric)

McGlaughlin, Margaret (Art History)

Njus, Jesse (Theater and Drama)

Noboa, Laura (History)

Noll, Kathleen (History)

Olien, Catherine (Art History)

Tevebring, Frederika (Comparative Literary Studies)

Tovar, Daniel (Philosophy)

Waller, Simone (English)

Zargar, Paymun (Philosophy)

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