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Dustin DixonDustin Dixon, class of 2008, has successfully completed his PhD program in Classical Studies at Boston University by defending a dissertation on “Myth-Making in Greek and Roman Comedy,” a study of how comic poets transmitted and shaped mythical tales.” He has also been offered, and has accepted, a one-year VAP at Loyola University Maryland.

My name is Lakshmi, and I'm an alumna of the NU Classics Department (2006). I was awarded a Rome Prize in the spring and am a fellow at the American Academy in Rome this academic year. It's wonderful to be in Rome and I am grateful to the NU department for kindling my early interest in the ancient world.

The Rome Prize will support the completion of my dissertation "Romans Abroad: Associations of Roman Citizens from the Second Century BCE to the Third Century CE." My project examines interactions between privately organized Roman trade groups iAlumnusn eastern and western provincial contexts to assess their contribution to cultural production in the Republic and Empire. I am particularly interested in tracing discrepancies in the nature of these interactions across the Mediterranean, which are attested in literary and epigraphic sources, to factors in the provincial environments and shifting sociopolitical policies at Rome.

I am currently a student in the University of Chicago’s doctoral program in Classics. My defense is scheduled for April and I look forward to catching up with the department at that point.

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