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Faculty by Specialization


Art, Archeology, Material Cultures


Materiality of Texts, Epigraphy, Papyrology

Poetics, literary theory

Other Antiquities

Receptions, classical traditions






Particular Interests and Expertise

Graziela Byros: Religions of the Roman Empire; Roman provincial identities; the art, archaeology and epigraphy of Roman Dacia

Reginald Gibbons: Greek poetry (including drama); ancient poetics; translation theory and practice

Ann C. Gunter: Art and archaeology of the ancient Near East and eastern Mediterranean; artistic and cultural interaction between Greece and Near East; modern reception of ancient art

Richard Kraut: The moral and political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle; contemporary ethics and politics using tools provided by these ancient authors

Marianne Hopman: Archaic and classical Greek poetry; Greek myths and their Roman reception; literary theory (metaphors, narrative, intertextuality); Classical reception methodology

Sara Monoson: Greek political thought; Greek democracy; reception of Greek political thought in American public discourse; Classical Receptions methodology

John Schafer:  Late Republican and Augustan poetry, especially Vergil; Latin philosophical texts, especially Seneca; Hellenistic philosophy, especially Stoic ethics; Latin lexicography

Francesca Tataranni: Roman history, Latin language and literature, receptions of Roman culture in modern America

Taco Terpstra: Roman socioeconomic history, Roman archaeology and material culture, comparative history, papyrology

Robert Wallace: Archaic and classical Greek history and literature; ancient Greek law; ancient Greek music theory; Greek and Roman numismatics

William N. West: Early modern and pre-modern performance; dramatic, lyric, and encyclopedic traditions; Renaissance humanism

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