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Murley Prize for Undergraduate Research

The Murley Prize for Undergraduate Research in Classical Literature and Culture is an open competition. All current Northwestern undergraduates in any year in any department are eligible to submit work for consideration by the prize committee in the department of classics. The $100 prize will recognize the best undergraduate essay on any aspect of ancient Greek and Roman literature and culture and/or the heritage and traditions of classical antiquity. Essays may be of any length but must have been submitted as part of an undergraduate course in any department at Northwestern during the academic year (excluding undergraduate honors theses). Note: Essays written for a spring quarter course (that is, papers that are prepared after the submission deadline date for the academic year's competition) may be submitted in the next academic year's competition. Submissions to this competition are limited to one essay per student.

Deadline for paper submission: Friday, May 18

Applicants should submit a brief letter specifying their name, year, departmental affiliation and major/minor (where applicable), contact details (email, campus address), the name, number and year/quarter of the course for which the essay was written, and the exact title of their essay.

Attached to the letter of application applicants are asked to submit a copy of the essay displaying the exact title as specified in the letter but without the applicant's name.

Applications may be submitted anytime during the year, but no later than the classics department thesis deadline, Friday, May 18. Submit the paper itself (printed copy or via e-mail attachment) to the Classics Department Administrator, Kresge Hall 4-305.

All awards will be announced at our annual Lamb Roast held on Wednesday, June 6, on the North Point lake fill. 

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