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Latin Teacher Certification

Weinberg College students pursuing a major in classics can earn secondary teaching certification in Latin while completing their BA degree. For more information see Teaching Certification.

The teaching certification program at Northwestern is coordinated by the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP). Students complete course work in educational theory and methodology as well as in their teaching subject area, and participate in supervised fieldwork experiences including one quarter of student teaching while they complete the requirements for the WCAS degree. 

For more details see Curriculum Information.

Interested students are urged to contact Meg Kreuser, secondary teaching advisor in the School of Education and Social Policy, as early as possible in their academic careers. For information about teaching careers in Latin and opportunities for mentoring and classroom observation, see the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Classics, John Wynne.

Northwestern graduates worked alongside the lead Latin teachers at Baker Demonstration School and helped the Wilmette private school’s Certamen team win top honors at the regional contest held April 29, 2008 at Elgin High School. Certamen, a Latin word meaning “contest,” encompasses three sectional-level quiz-bowl type competitions with questions drawn from Latin language, Roman culture, art and history.

Northwestern graduate Mina Marien was an associate teacher at Baker’s Latin department and taught a seventh grade Latin class. In addition, Marien taught two after-school classes in etymology and classical mythology with Baker’s lead teacher, Alexandra Vastardis, who is herself a Northwestern alumna (B.A. 2005, M.S.Ed. 2006). Additionally, Northwestern graduate Colleen Kron worked with the lead teacher in a seventh grade Latin classroom.

“Baker is grateful to these extraordinarily talented young Classicists who have so deeply enriched our students’ Latin learning and enhanced the quality of the Baker Latin program,” said Deidre Harrison, Baker Demonstration School admissions director.

Northwestern University’s relationship with Wilmette-based Baker Demonstration School may qualify NU faculty and staff children for school-age tuition discounts at the school. Contact Baker's school admissions school admissions for more information.

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