Classicizing Chicago

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From the late 1800s, Chicagoans from all walks of life and with widely varying measures of familiarity with the classical sources have found elements of the ancient past useful for making meaningful contributions to their own struggles and ventures. The Classicizing Chicago Project is building a digital archive of examples of this cultural mingling across time and space.

News & Events

Congratulations Professor Richard Kraut!

Professor Richard Kraut has won a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship for 2016-17!

Taco Terpstra wins Loeb Award!

Taco has won The Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship through Harvard University. He will work on his book with the working title: "Roman Trade: A New Economic History."

Undergraduates Cecilia Wilson and Anthony Escobar have been accepted to fall 2016 Rome Program!

This competitive program exposes students to ancient history, archeology, art and languages. Well done Cecilia and Anthony!

Classics Cluster student Cassie Olien wins Kress Foundation Award!

Classics Cluster student Cassie Olien has won the highly prestigious two-year fellowship, the Kress Foundation institutional fellowship to Paris, for her project on the comparative reception of Cypriot antiquities.

Congratulations to Taco Terpstra! His book has been nominated for the Gérard Boulvert Prize.

Terpstra's book, "Trading Communities in the Roman World," has been nominated for the Gérard Boulvert Prize.

Located at UHall 201, Laurent Dubreuil, Professor of French, Francophone & Comparative Literature at Cornell University will present his talk Poetry and Mind: Recursion, Reflexivity and Thinking Experiments. Light refreshments will be served.